Name: Nadine Oestreich
Current Residence: Germany, NRW
Age: 15
Birthday: 6.July 1995
Gender: ♀
Hobbys: drawing, scrapbooking, photographing, listening to music, watching movies, reading
I like: candy, weekends/holidays, Marvel, DC, After Eight, Coldmirror, Mario Barth, 3D
I don't like: egoism, arrogance, insects, smoking, intolerance&ignorance, prejudices, insincerity

...color: green
...animal: Reptiles, Lemures
...fandom: Harry Potter
...TV shows: South Park, Family Guy, Little Britain, Drawn Together
...offlinegame: Bioshock 2
...onlinegame: Aion,S4 League, Flyff
...Location: England, Japan of art: realistic&anime (or a mix of both)
...genre of music: Soundtracks&Charts
...gaming platform: Playstation&Xbox

Tools of the Trade: Photoshop CS4, Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Operating System: Windows XP

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