Hello again.

It's been a while. :]

We've got holidays now and I'm already "busy" with different stuff like drawing and online games. Yeah, ONLINE GAMES. Actually it's only Flyff, but it's so much fun! -> My Character & my super cute pet

While I'm at it I can show one of my crappy pictures I've got on my computer:

 remake of an old picture - my style went 'moe moe kawaii desu' here, therefore I won't finish the picture... 

 I go to bed now, good night folks!


29.3.10 02:40


It's after Midnight here and it's totally boring.
I'm drinking Orange juice.

When I'm bored, I get hungry.
Unfortunately there is nothing edible in range. D:
Whatever, I know what I'll do now eh!
I go on reading a Fanfiction. ♥

Good night everybody~
24.1.10 00:43

The day after.

 So today I've  watched Avatar in 3D.


After that you only want to be a Na'vi too!
I want to fly with these dragons. T^T
Life isn't fair...

The Holidays are over,but I hate getting up so early.
That's why I hate school so much. And because of the homework.
Otherwise, it would be okay.
But as I already said:
Life isn't fair. :I
6.1.10 21:51


Tomorrow I finally watch Avatar in the cinema!
3D, of course. :P
I'm totally excited because everyone who has seen the movie tells me,that it was simply awesome!

Oh, and I've finally bought polymer clay.
Man,THAT was expensive,my god. >_>
The whole thing is not as easy as I thought ...
If you hold it too long in your hand,the "Plasticine" is distorting again! 
How is this supposed to work?!
Nah,whatever,maybe I just need a little practice.

At the moment I'm often online at
I only need money so that my avatar doesn't look like an Idiot. XD
That's why I'll be entering a few contests.
This is what I'm working on currently.
Just Kidding.
6.1.10 00:13

First Entry

Finally I've finished my homepage. :]
I think it looks a little bit like the diary of a Slytherin!
That's good. XD

Well,it's still a bit empty,if you look at the gallery or the info.
But I will work on it soon. [I hope so. XD]

That's all so far.
3.1.10 20:20

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