8.9.10 22:18

Great Vocaloid Songs! ♥

I thought I could show you some of my favorite Vocaloid songs here.

but don't be surprised, I like most of them better without voices. (off-vocal)

(They are ordered )

1. Miku Hatsune - Chaining Intention (off-vocal)  <3~

2. Megpoid GUMI - Drive to the Moon (off-vocal)

3. Megpoid GUMI - Love will surely soar (off-vocal)

4. Megpoid GUMI - Miracle∞Gumiracle

5. Miku Hatsune & Kagamine Len - Reverse Rainbow

6. Miku Hatsune - Last Night, Good Night (off-vocal)

7. Miku Hatsune - Piano Girl ( Unfortunately I can't find an off-vocal version of this, but I don't like the voice here. D: )

8. Miku Hatsune - Rolling Girl (off-vocal)

9. Miku Hatsune - Perfect Jersey Distortion

10. Kaai Yuki - Forbidden Fruit

11. Miku Hatsune - Nekomimi Switch

12. Megpoid GUMI - Endless

By the way, if you want the MP3's of these songs, ask me ->

30.8.10 22:21

currently listening to...


...this awesome song!

I love it! ♥  By the way, tonight I dreamed that I was a death eater lol! I could transform myself into black haze. °o°


23.8.10 17:30


I've found out why my Colorations suck. :I

I always tried to color Manga Linearts in a realistic way, but I failed all the time. XD

Manga Linearts doesn't look good with a realistic Coloration, so I tried to do it in a "not so Manga"-way.

I tried a grown-up Luna. XD

14.8.10 15:28


I'm so depressed. T_T

I love drawing but at the same time I hate it. There is nothing better than the feeling one has after finishing a drawing. Like you have achieved something.

Well, the last time I had this feeling was 2009 or 2008.



12.8.10 18:48


I'm back.

And I'm in a good mood so I'm showing you some pictures I most likely won't finish.


I've got nothing to say about this one. XD Well, yes I do: I hate it! The only thing I like about it, is the clock. :I

Something like a background

LOL. I drew that thing for my sister because she said she couldn't draw backgrounds very well. But she wanted one for her first panel of a dojinshi and here it is, unfinished. *do not like*

Luna Lovegood Practice

Hey, I kinda like this one! I'm very proud of the hand with the wand! The hair isn't finished of course but I'm doing my best. :B


12.8.10 00:34

I'm scared.

First of all: This is the reason why I'm not updating my blog very often. Every time I'm writing, the text is deleted mysteriously. I think I will change the site soon. [I can write the whole text again now, great. -_-]


So today I had to be operated and it was worse than I thougt.

That was the most painful syringe I've ever received and I'm still astonied, feeling no pain in my foot.

But all in all it wasn't that bad, the painful part is yet to come. D:

Because my wisdom teeth have to be pulled out and I've heard that not a few people passed out with pain.

But enough of that. subject change!

My dog got 8 puppys two days ago and what can I say? They're just damn cute! They're so tiny,they look like my mice. XD

I'm looking forward to when they open their eyes and begin running, because then the real fun only begins!

I'm planning to change the layout, but I have absolutely no idea what it should look like. :


Bye Bye~

18.6.10 19:12

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