Great Vocaloid Songs! ♥

I thought I could show you some of my favorite Vocaloid songs here.

but don't be surprised, I like most of them better without voices. (off-vocal)

(They are ordered )

1. Miku Hatsune - Chaining Intention (off-vocal)  <3~

2. Megpoid GUMI - Drive to the Moon (off-vocal)

3. Megpoid GUMI - Love will surely soar (off-vocal)

4. Megpoid GUMI - Miracle∞Gumiracle

5. Miku Hatsune & Kagamine Len - Reverse Rainbow

6. Miku Hatsune - Last Night, Good Night (off-vocal)

7. Miku Hatsune - Piano Girl ( Unfortunately I can't find an off-vocal version of this, but I don't like the voice here. D: )

8. Miku Hatsune - Rolling Girl (off-vocal)

9. Miku Hatsune - Perfect Jersey Distortion

10. Kaai Yuki - Forbidden Fruit

11. Miku Hatsune - Nekomimi Switch

12. Megpoid GUMI - Endless

By the way, if you want the MP3's of these songs, ask me ->

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